Volunteer experience


Here at Muddy Princess, we know that it is unlikely that a mud run will change the lives of our participants in a single day. However, our organisation hopes to create a positive impact both mentally and physically for our Princesses and leave them with beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

This run and all those involved with our organisation, including our volunteers, first and foremost should aspire to offer our Princesses unwavering support and instil confidence in each of them as they accomplish their personal challenges. Through teamwork and inclusion, we have no doubt that you will help us give our Princesses a fun day out in the mud!

As a Muddy Princess volunteer, you are agreeing to uphold and represent our organisations values. We are relying on you to act in accordance with these values towards each and every Princess present on event day, and to help us ensure that everyone has an unforgettable Muddy Princess experience!

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It's very important to be on time. It is essential to check in before your shift starts.

Welcome to the Team

Below are the advantages that you will receive as a Muddy Princess volunteer.

7 Days before event

You will receive an email with all the specific information related to the day of the event

Event Day

On Sunday, opening hours to the public are between 07:00am to 18:00pm. On eventdays the course is done in batches. The first batch of Princesses will start every 15 minutes.

Check in point

Morning Shift: 06:00am – 12:30pm
Meet at volunteer tent at 6:00am to sign in and collect volunteer T-shirt, your meal, and to be assigned your role for the day. Set run time after your shift.

Afternoon shift: Set run time at 8:00am

Full day shift: 06:30 – 18:00pm You will receive a free ticket to our next Muddy Princess event.

There is NO ALTERNATIVE timeslot to run in.

After your run, head to the Volunteer Tent to collect your volunteer T-Shirt, your medal, and to be assigned your role for the day.

If you arrive late, you will not be allowed to run for free.

Volunteer roles

Registration volunteers will ask for the ID numbers of the Princesses and hand out the wristbands.
Volunteers will check that each Princess has the correct colour wristband per batch.
Volunteers will sell Muddy Princess merchandise on event day. Merchandise collection point: Princesses who purchased merchandise online before the event will collect from this tent.
Rinse off Station
Princesses and volunteers can rinse off the mud and change free of charge
Sample Bags
Volunteers will collect the wristband from each Princess after their race and then hand them a sample bag. No Princesses may receive their goodie bag before they run.
BAG Check
Princesses will receive their tag at the pay point and then drop their bag off at the bag check, where it will be checked in and checked out.

general information

pay point

Bands issued at the pay point to participants.


There are 19 obstacles along the course, which will need volunteer marshals at each. Your duty will be to explain and man the obstacles and encourage participants. On event day, we will drive you on to the course. Should any medical assistance be needed, we have a medical team on standby.


All lost and found items will be placed at the bagdrop.


The volunteer at the water station will hand out water to the Princesses.

Volunteer Certificate

We will provide a volunteer certificate, to those who request it, via email.


Extra clothing

You’ll receive a volunteer T-shirt to wear during your shift. Otherwise, you may bring other clothes with.


If you would like to purchase anything, such as food, beverages or Muddy Princess merchandise and finisher photos are available on the day.


Make sure to protect your skin with a good layer of sunscreen.


Protection from the sun, should you be placed on the course.


You’ll be provided with a water and a sandwich, but we encourage you to bring along your own too.